Mmmm... organized crime.

Anyway, this is just a li'l fun guide to Mafia slang that I ripped from a site. Not claiming credit for it, but I did that because they had the glossary over several pages, and it was a pain in the ass to read, and I thought this would be better. ^^;

Oh, and obviously, not all of these terms could apply to Nedokius. I'll stick those into two categories.

First off, we have the technology restraints. Anything involving machine guns, cars, and anything else that sounds out of place is invalid.

Second, we have the location restraints. Obviously, referring to the Sicilian Mafia and whatnot is really out-of-place. I considered taking them out, but it gives one an idea of how things are called.



Definition: A bet placed through a bookie.


Definition: The ruling body of a crime family, composed of the boss, the underboss and the consigliere.


Definition: To take someone out for an airing is to take someone out and kill him or her.


Definition: obs. Whiskey, especially of the bootleg variety.

Alky cooker

Definition: obs. A device used to distill alcohol.

Alky racket

Definition: During Prohibition, the distillation and distribution of illegal liquor.

American way

Definition: Coexistence of rival organized crime factions.


Definition: A friend or associate of a crime family. Amico nostro: Italian for "friend of ours." Used to introduce an individual who has been officially inducted into the Mafia.

Apache Indian job

Definition: An incredibly thorough firebomb that leaves nothing standing. No longer a favorite, this bombing method had its heyday in New York and New Orleans in the early twentieth century.

Area man

Definition: The organized crime boss of a section of a city that consists of several neighborhoods.

The Arm

Definition: The Buffalo, New York faction of La Cosa Nostra.

Assassin's special

Definition: An automatic .22-caliber handgun equipped with a silencer.

Attaché casing

Definition: Collecting bribes so large they must be carried in a briefcase.


Definition: A euphemism for someone who is incarcerated; if an individual is away, he is serving time.


Definition: Heroin, especially trafficking therein.


Definition: A straight citizen, especially one who has been duped.

Baby sister

Definition: A bodyguard, usually for a witness under police or federal protection.

Bag man

Definition: One who picks up and/or distributes bribe or protection money.

Banana race

Definition: A fixed horse race.

B-and-A rackets

Definition: The illegal beer and alcohol business during Prohibition.

Bangkok Connection

Definition: The route used to import drugs from Southeast Asia to the United States and Canada through the port of Bangkok, Thailand.


Definition: An ugly woman. Also known as: Schifosa.

Barrel murder

Definition: A somewhat obsolete Mafia murder method in which the victim is stuffed into a barrel and left to rot.

Beauty doctor

Definition: A club with a steel tip, used to disfigure a beating victim.


Definition: 1) To inform; 2) beefer: one who informs on mob activities.

Also known as: Rat, pigeon, snitch, stoolie.

Big earner

Definition: An individual who uses his abilities to earn large amounts of money for a crime family.

Also known as: Earner

Big papa

Definition: The Thompson machine gun, c. 1937.

Big-time dealer

Definition: A drug dealer who buys his product from distributors and sells it to smaller dealers.

The Books

Definition: Refers to membership in the Mafia. When the books are open, there is a vacancy. The books are closed when no one is being made.


Definition: Small-time street thieves.


Definition: In mob parlance, a crime family.


Definition: The head of a crime family.

Also known as: Don, godfather, old man.

Boss of Bosses

Definition: Though no one proclaims himself the boss of bosses anymore, the press often reserves this title for whomever they deem is boss of New York's most powerful crime family.

Also known as: Capo de tutti capi.


Definition: Demoted in rank.

Also known as: Knocked down.


Definition: A vengeance murder involving torture, mutilation and a slow death.

Example: "He died buckwheats": he died slowly and painfully.


Definition: To murder; to carry out a contract killing.

Also known as: Break an egg, clip, ice, whack.

Bust out

Definition: A forced bankruptcy of a person or an organization, usually through theft, fraud or extortion.

Button man

Definition: An "official" member of the Mafia, one who has been inducted into a crime family; one who has "made his button."


Definition: An embarrassment to himself and others, a phony. See also gavone.

Cane corn

Definition: During Prohibition, an illegal alcohol made from cane sugar and corn.


Definition: Ranking member of a crime family who heads a crew of soldiers.

Also known as: Caporegime, skipper, lieutenant.


Definition: Ranking member of a crime family who heads a crew of ten soldiers.

Captains of industry

Definition: Crime bosses. Also a 1928 designation of the Commission.


Definition: A meeting of at least two Mafia families for the purposes of settling a dispute.


Definition: To check out or size up a location with the intent of committing a crime.

Cement coffin

Definition: A murder method that involves placing a victim in a tub of cement until it hardens, at which time he is dumped into a body of water.

Also known as: Cement overcoat, cement shoes. A victim who has been encased in cement and dumped into a body of water is said to be "swimming with the fishes."

Cement overcoat

Definition: A murder method in which the victim is encased in cement to prevent authorities from discovering the body. Sometimes the body is buried in the cement of a new construction site; at other times the body is placed in a receptacle and covered with cement. When the cement hardens, it is dumped into a body of water.

Cement shoes

Definition: A murder method in which a victim's feet are encased in cement until it hardens, at which time he is dumped into a body of water.


Definition: An advisor to the Commission of La Cosa Nostra.

Chairman of the board

Definition: The highest ranking member of a crime family, used mostly in Detroit.


Definition: A fairly merciful punishment in which a gangster is banished from the Mafia and forbidden from doing business with any made guys, rather than being killed.

Chief corrupter

Definition: The crime family member who is in charge of bribing or attempting to bribe politicians.


Definition: adj. Not carrying a gun; v. To take the necessary steps to avoid being followed.

Also known as: Not carrying.

Clearing house

Definition: A system or establishment that insures all bets taken by bookmakers.

Alternate spelling: Clearinghouse.


Definition: 1) To take money from; 2) to murder.


Definition: To survey; to keep track of someone's movements and activities.


Definition: The mistress or girlfriend of a mobster.

The Combination

Definition: A 1930s designation for the Cosa Nostra.

Come heavy

Definition: To arrive carrying a loaded gun.

The Commission

Definition: The ruling body of La Cosa Nostra, consisting of nine to twelve crime family bosses.


Definition: An associate or a pal, buddy.


Definition: One who associates or does business with the Mafia without being an official member.


Definition: Italian for counselor; an advisor; a ranking crime family member who mediates disputes, advises the boss, and sometimes acts as legal counsel.


Definition: An Mafia-sanctioned assignment to carry out a murder.

Usage: To take out a contract on someone is to mark that person for murder.

Cosa Nostra

Definition: Italian for "this thing of ours." A close-knit criminal society operating in the United States and almost always comprised of members of Italian-American ancestry.


Definition: A group of mafiosi, known as soldiers, who work as a team under a capo.

Crime family

Definition: A unit of the Mafia operating in a specific geographical region, composed of men tied together by loyalty to their boss.

Also known as: Borgata, brugad.


Definition: A young criminal looking to be inducted into the Mafia.


Definition: FBI terminology for a "cooperating witness."


Definition: One who does not honor his debts.

Alternate spelling: Dead beat.


Definition: A union delegate.

District man

Definition: A crime family member who supervises a small urban area.


Definition: A title bestowed on the boss or leader of a crime family, usually reserved for men of Sicilian descent.

Double-decker coffin

Definition: A coffin with an additional false bottom. The straight citizen whose family paid for the coffin is placed on the top level, while the victim of a mob hit is placed underneath.

Also known as: Mafia coffin.

Drop man

Definition: A gangster who collects receipts from a numbers runner. Likewise, a drop is a location where numbers runners turn in their receipts.

Elder statesman

Definition: The boss of a crime family.

Empty suit

Definition: An individual who has nothing to offer, yet tries to associate with mob members.


Definition: An organized crime worker who uses violence to carry out his boss' wishes.

Also known as: Goon, headcrusher, legbreaker, muscle.


Definition: A cash payment, usually in the form of a bribe or protection money.


Definition: An individual specializing in moving stolen merchandise.

Also known as: Middler, middleman.

Field man

Definition: An individual who supervises a group of numbers runners.

Fifth estate

Definition: The syndicate; the world of organized crime.


Definition: 1) To mark for murder; 2) to inform on.

Also known as: 1) Put the X on, take out a contract on; 2) Rat, squeal, snitch.

The Five Families

Definition: The five major Mafia families of New York: Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese.

Five times .38

Definition: Shot five times with a .38-caliber gun.


Definition: Brotherhood; also refers to the Mafia.

Friend of mine

Definition: Used in introductions to denote a person who is not a made guy, but who is being vouched for by a made guy. See also friend of ours, amico nostro.

Also known as: Amico mio.

Friend of ours

Definition: Used to introduce one made guy to another.

Also known as: Amico nostro.


Definition: A fake or counterfeit item.

Alternate spellings: fugazzi, fugazy.


Definition: A dishonest individual who habitually swindles, cheats and deceives.


Definition: A law enforcement official who actively and aggressively seeks to break up organized crime.


Definition: 1) The underworld, organized crime; 2) A nickname for Chicago.


Definition: A person belonging to a gang, a crime family, or another group of criminals.

Get a place ready

Definition: To look for an inconspicuous burial site.

Give a pass

Definition: To grant someone a reprieve from a death warrant.


Definition: The portion of earnings a made guy must give his superior. Used predominantly in Chicago.


Definition: An individual who has been marked for death.

Good people

Definition: Indicates people amenable to mob dealings; used predominantly in Chicago.


Definition: Crony, pal. Sicilian for the Italian compare.

Also known as: Compare.

Alternate spellings: Goomba, gumba, goombata.

Go to the mattresses

Definition: To go into hiding.

Also known as: Hit the mattresses.


Definition: Profit gained from dishonest business practices or fraud, or a portion of those monies given to corrupt officials, often politicians.


Definition: A prison guard.

Also known as: Screw.

Half-assed wiseguy

Definition: A criminal who seeks admission into the Mafia.

Ham-and-cheese sandwich

Definition: A payoff to a union delegate.


Definition: An employee or financial backer of a bookmaker's operations.


Definition: A hired assassin.

Also known as: Contract killer, executioner, hit man.

Alternate spelling: Head hunter.


Definition: Unwanted attention from law enforcement or the press.


Definition: To steal from a transporter of illegal goods.

Alternate spelling: highjack.


Definition: 1) n. An Mafia-sanctioned assignment to carry out a murder; 2) v. to murder; 3) n. a winning ticket in an illegal lottery.

Hit man

Definition: A murderer for hire, a hired assassin.

Also known as: Contract killer, executioner, headhunter.

Alternate spelling: Hitman.


Definition: A car reserved for mob assassination purposes, usually a traditional black sedan.

The Honored Society

Definition: The Sicilian Mafia.

Ice pick kill

Definition: A murder method in which the victim is subdued by several gangsters while another jams an ice pick through the victim's eardrum and into the brain. Results in death by cerebral hemorrhage.


Definition: A bookmaker or numbers runner who is not a Mafia member, but who pays a royalty for permission to operate.


Definition: 1) Indict: v. To bring a formal charge against, as by a grand jury; 2) Indictment: n. A formal written statement charging a person with a criminal offense. The charge must then be proven at trial.

In the wind

Definition: The status of an individual after he has left the Witness Protection Program.

Italian rope trick

Definition: A murder method in which a length of rope is looped around the victim's neck and two hit men pull on opposite ends of the rope.


Definition: That part of the profit which is illegally given to law enforcement or other public officials to avoid prosecution, or as a reward for a job or contract.

Alternate spelling: kick back.

Kiss of death

Definition: A kiss delivered by a mobster, which is a public warning that if the recipient does not immediately comply with the mob's wishes, he will be marked for death.

La Cosa Nostra

Definition: Italian for "this thing of ours." A close-knit criminal society operating in the United States and almost always comprised of members of Italian-American ancestry.


Definition: An individual who has become a fugitive in order to elude other gangsters or police.


Definition: A bookmaker's practice of placing bets with the money they have received from bettors.

Alternate spellings: Layoff, lay off.

Lay-off man

Definition: An individual in charge of receiving bets made by a bookmaker.

Alternate spelling: Layoff man.

Lay-off room

Definition: The office in which a bookmaker does business.

Alternate spelling: Layoff room.


Definition: A lottery ticket containing a three-digit number chosen by a bettor who has also wagered that he can guess the first digit of the three-digit number that is drawn at random.


Definition: An organized crime worker who roughs people up for his boss.

Also known as: Enforcer, headcrusher, goon, muscle.

Little Joe

Definition: An execution method reserved for welshers and loan shark debtors. The victim is shot four times in the head, with the shots laid out in two straight rows.

Loan shark

Definition: An individual who provides loans at an illegal and exorbitant interest rate and uses violence and threats to obtain repayment; a usurer. A loanshark.

Alternate spelling: Loan shark.

Made guy

Definition: An organized crime worker who has been officially inducted into the Mafia.

Also known as: Made man, Mafioso, wiseguy, goodfella, soldier.


Definition: A secretive crime organization whose members are generally of Italian and Sicilian descent.

Also known as: La Cosa Nostra, syndicate.


Definition: Sicilian gangs organized to extort money from local townsfolk. Similar in operations to the Black Hand which operated in the United States in the early 20th century.


Definition: An official member of the Mafia; pl. Mafiosi.

Also known as: Button man, made guy, soldier.

Trivia: In Italy, the word "mafioso" is sometimes used as an insult, and can mean thief, crook, murderer, sleaze, parasite, scum, etc.


Definition: To induct an individual into the Mafia.

Make one's bones

Definition: To carry out one's first sanctioned mob hit. This practice was once a requirement for induction into the Mafia, although this ritual is no longer as widespread.

Man of respect

Definition: A ranking officer of a crime family.

Also known as: Mafioso, mobster.


Definition: Card and dice manipulators who rig games.

The meets

Definition: A conference of leading underworld figures.

Men of respect

Definition: Generally used to refer to the Sicilian Mafia; not widely used when referring to American crime families.

Mercy room

Definition: The emergency room of a hospital.


Definition: A sure bet, one that the gambler cannot lose.


Definition: Reselling stolen goods.


Definition: In organized crime parlance, a crime family; the entire Cosa Nostra.

Motorcade murders

Definition: Elaborate drive-by processional executions in which dozens of shooters and thousands of bullets were used; popular in the 1920s.

Mustache Pete

Definition: A Sicilian member of the Mafia in the early part of the twentieth century.

Also known as: Zip.

Alternate spelling: Moustache Pete.

Numbers operator

Definition: An organized crime worker who runs a numbers game.

Numbers racket

Definition: An illicit lottery where an arbitrary number is chosen to determine the winner, usually daily horse racing results.

Numbers runner

Definition: One who receives and places bets from customers for the numbers racket.

The Office

Definition: The New England faction of La Cosa Nostra.

Off the record

Definition: Activity not sanctioned by the Mafia; usually refers to an unauthorized murder, i.e. an off the record piece of work.


Definition: The Mafia code of silence, violation of which is punishable by death.

On the arm

Definition: Goods or services received on credit or as a token of appreciation.

On the gamble

Definition: Operating an illicit lottery in which the ticket seller finances everything, pays winners from his profits, and pays his boss for being allowed to run the lottery.

On the lam

Definition: Having become a fugitive; having eluded other gangsters or police.

On the pad

Definition: Having to pay regular bribes for one's protection.


Definition: Used to refer to a region not controlled by one specific Mafia family.

Also known as: Open area, open territory.

Organized crime

Definition: The operation of a group of criminals that is organized on a national and international level and coordinates all manner of illegal activities.

The Outfit

Definition: The Chicago faction of La Cosa Nostra.

The Outs

Definition: The losing bets at illegal horse racing operations, which are used to pay off winning bets.


Definition: A list of locations where law enforcement and other public officials have been bribed to overlook criminal operations.


Definition: An attractive woman.


Definition: Money paid for the purposes of blackmail, extortion or graft; bribery.


Definition: Crazy.


Definition: A gun.

Also known as: Biscuit.

Piece of the business

Definition: A portion of profits from a crime family's rackets.

Piece of work

Definition: A contract to kill someone.


Definition: Measures taken prior to carrying out a hit in which the target's major allies are eliminated.


Definition: Someone likely to be whacked.

Also known as: Goner.

Put the X on

Definition: To designate for murder.

Also known as: Finger, take out a contract.


Definition: Any criminal act or operation, so called because of the disturbance it creates.


Definition: A bankruptcy fraud in which the operator buys goods on credit, sells them at or below cost, and then declares bankruptcy.


Definition: A display of deference based mainly on fear.


Definition: The Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, a federal statute enacted in 1970. The statute allows prosecutors to seek tougher sentences for mobsters if they can prove a connection to a criminal organization or syndicate. In theory, the statute also allows the government to prosecute every member of a crime family once a criminal conspiracy has been proven.

Ride, take for a

Definition: A car trip from whence the victim does not return.

Serious headache

Definition: A gunshot wound in the head.

Serious trouble

Definition: The state of a person who has committed an offense against the mob which is punishable by death.


Definition: Hirelings who play in rigged games in order to draw victims; they are often mechanics.


Definition: A knife.

Also known as: Shank.

Sicilian necktie

Definition: A piece of wire used to garrote a victim.


Definition: A criminal meeting; a mob peace conference.


Definition: An individual who has been officially inducted into the Mafia; also, one of a group of organized workers who work under a capo.

Also known as: Made guy, button man, goodfella, wiseguy, mobster.


Definition: To inform or turn informant.

Also known as: Rat, snitch, beef.

Stand-up guy

Definition: An organized crime worker who refuses to inform on his family, no matter what the consequences.

Stone killer

Definition: A particularly efficient and cold-hearted professional killer. Related: enforcer, hit man, executioner.


Definition: An informer.

Also known as: Pigeon, stool pigeon, canary.


Definition: A non-criminal, as in a "straight citizen."

Straightened out

Definition: To be officially inducted into the Mafia.

Also known as: To be/get made, to make one's button.


Definition: Stolen goods.

Also known as: Hot items, merchandise that "fell off the back of a truck."

Telephone solicitor

Definition: A bookmaker who accepts bets over the phone.

Trunk music

Definition: After a victim is murdered and stuffed into the trunk of a car, the "trunk music" is the sound of the body's flesh rotting.


Definition: To crack open someone's skull.

Uncle Sugar

Definition: The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Also known as: The feds.


Definition: The second highest position in a Mafia family, accountable only to the boss.

Also known as: Right arm, sottocapo.


Definition: The world of organized crime.

Also known as: The Fifth Estate.


Definition: The loaning of money at an exorbitant interest rate, well in excess of the legally established limits.

Also known as: Loansharking.


Definition: The interest paid to a Mafia loan shark, usually large in proportion to the overall loan.

Also known as: Vig, juice.

Alternate spellings: Viggerish, vigerage.

Walking book

Definition: A travelling bookmaker who services customers on a fixed route.


Definition: To murder.

Also known as: To break an egg, to ice, to off, to pop, to put to sleep, to rub out.


Definition: An individual who has been officially inducted into the Mafia.

Also known as: Button man, soldier, mafioso, made guy, goodfella.

Alternate Spelling: Wise guy

Young Turks

Definition: Young members of organized crime, who usually do not honor or respect the Mafia's old ways.


Definition: The name by which American mobsters referred to Sicilian Mafiosi in the early part of the twentieth century.

Also known as: Mustache Petes.